Professional Sports Handicapper

I have been handicapping sporting games for 25 years now. My success has come mainly from gathering information (good and bad) from other handicappers, getting game day inside information, injuries, weather, trends, stats, revenge games, byes, sharp moves, public betting, reverse line movement, etc. Some handicappers are good and some are horrible and I use that to my advantage. If you can find a handicapper that loses 75% of his games it's the same as winning 75% if you bet the opposite. You ever hear the saying that I can pick 10 losers in a row no problem but not 10 winners? it's true. Most people dig deep to find solid handicappers but I'm the opposite, I find ones that stink and have a horrible track record. So it's a unique strategy that no one else uses. I always said why can't I find a handicapper that's honest, loyal, not pushy and cocky, won't scam me or my bank account. One doesn't have me bet 10 games in 1 day to maximize his return. Most people know that's not the smart way to bet but hard to discipline yourself. The best way to consistently win money is to wager 1 game per day and maybe 2 or 3 on a Sunday. If your serious about making money the way to go is to bet 1 solid pick per day. instead of betting 10 games at $100 apiece, jump on board with me and wager $500 on 1 pick per day and trust me it will be more profitable over the long haul. Ever get the feeling your guy gives you a pick and his buddy next door calls you a few hours later and gives you the opposite team? It happens all the time, now you promise to pay the guy after it wins. It's a no-lose situation for them. I have seen it all so i promise to be the opposite. Are you tired of the cappers telling you they're hitting at 80-85% and gonna make you rich? It's impossible and a lie. Anything over 60% is great and over 70% is unrealistic. I am on fire in Soccer and hitting 70%. I know soccer is not sexy and everyone loves betting football but money is money. But trust me I have the best inside info from the best soccer guru in the world. He lives for soccer and knows all the ins and outs, trends, injuries, and anything that's happening b4 the sportsbook does. Most of the books are concerned with football and putting out the perfect and misleading line to get you to wager incorrectly. But not with soccer, it's easy to find mistakes in the line and total. they pay less attention to soccer and a lot to football because the money is coming in on football by the billions. I'm also hitting 67% on football and 69% in Ufc, so jump on board in all 3. There's nothing better than betting $300 on a soccer game at 7 am on Saturday and being up going into the football weekend. I promise you all my picks are solid and documented. I never give out a pick unless im 100% confident. Jump on board for $125 per month and/or $15 per single picks. Also, you can check out my free picks until your comfortable. 






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