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8/19/19 2:20PM - 0 comments

Welcome to my new website! This is just a sample blog post to showcase the blog feature. You can easily delete or edit this post through your admin panel and add some more quality blog entries to your site.

Your new website comes with a blog that is super easy to manage and update. If you allow it, visitors to your blog can quickly and easily add comments to each of your blog posts. You can then easily delete those comments if they are subpar. You have the ability to accept comments on each blog post by everybody or just by registered users (default setting) or by nobody at all. You can also override this setting for individual blog entries - eg comments can be enabled for your blog in general but disabled on a particular entry.

Your blog, like every other page on your website, has clean URLs and clean code, something that the search engines really appreciate and reward. It also comes with a standards-compliant RSS feed, making it easily viewable by search engines like Google.

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